Why Arts and Sciences?

In a world that is rapidly evolving, complex "human skills" are becoming more valuable than the rote skills that can be automated. A degree from the School of Arts and Sciences builds durable career readiness skills that last a lifetime and that allow you to navigate change while making a positive impact in the world. 

2x1 placeholderThe Advantages of a Degree from the School of Arts and Sciences:

You can make a great living! Employers want the skills your degree provides: 

The articles below demonstrate the growing demand for the durable "human" skills an Arts and Sciences education can provide. With a well-rounded education that includes digital and analytical skills supported by the SAS Core Curriculum, minors, and electives, graduates can build the Career Readiness Skills to succeed in a global, tech-enabled world. Gaining experience and professional connections, through research, course projects, clubs, on-campus jobs, and internships can help you explore careers and transition to work. 

Major does not determine career path: 

SAS alumni careers are diverse and adaptable, an important quality in a rapidly changing world. Consider Philosophy`12 graduate Zeke Pariser who obtained a job as a regulatory analyst, “I would NOT have the job I do today without my liberal arts background. I learned how to analyze, write succinctly and convincingly, and present my thoughts and ideas coherently and confidently from some of the top professors in the world. I loved every single course I took at Rutgers; each one prepared me for the job I have today.” Read about SAS alumni starting their careers here: Launching Careers: Alumni Stories.

Following your interests enriches your life and your work:

Studies show that deeply engaging in an Arts and Sciences education enriches graduates lives and careers.

Get Prepared!

Finding a "good fit" career takes time and initiative. Give yourself a break and take the 1.5 cr. Career Explorations in Arts and Sciences Course.