Academic Suspension and Academic Dismissal are based on the cumulative grade point average (GPA) measured against a graduated standard of increasing expectations determined by the student's recorded year of anticipated graduation and the number of completed semesters of enrollment. The Cumulative GPA of every student is reviewed each year at the end of the Spring semester to ensure that all students are making consistent and realistic progress towards graduation standards.

You will be subject to Academic Suspension or Academic Dismissal from the SAS when your cumulative GPA is less than the figure below:

Graduated GPA Standard
Semester Class Year Cumulative GPA
2nd First-Year 1.5
4th Sophomore 1.7
6th Junior 1.9
8th or higher Senior 2.0

You are responsible for monitoring your graduation date and academic record – failure to receive or acknowledge Suspension or Dismissal notification does not void the academic standing action. In addition, your are encouraged to seek assistance early if you are in difficulty. Speak to an SAS Academic Advisor.

Note: It is not possible to change your graduation year after notification of Suspension or Dismissal.

Exceptions:  First-Year and Transfer Students enrolled in their first semester at Rutgers during a Spring term are not subject to Suspension or Dismissal, even when the cumulative GPA is below the specified standard for their class year.

*Academic Suspension occurs the first time you fall below this standard – or if you “remediated” a previous Suspension but fail again to meet the required cumulative GPA. An Academic Suspension must be addressed in the Rutgers – New Brunswick Summer Session, but you have the option of doing so in a future year. Unlike Academic Dismissal which must be addressed in the Summer immediately following notification of status. Students with an Academic Suspension are guaranteed one attempt at completing Summer coursework.  Please see Reinstatement for more information.

*Academic Dismissals unless successfully addressed are final. This status is applied when you have a sustained Suspension noted on your record, and again fall below the required Cumulative GPA standards. Academic Dismissal students must successfully remediate their Cumulative GPA – to the standard required for their class year - with Summer coursework in the Rutgers – New Brunswick Summer Session immediately following notification of status. Otherwise, it is not possible to return in a future term without a successful Academic Appeal.

*As of Spring 2015, there has been a change in terminology relating to the SAS Dismissal Policy, but the policy itself has not changed. What was formerly termed "First Dismissal" is now called "Suspension". What was formerly termed "Second Dismissal" is now called a "Dismissal".