Students are responsible for monitoring the accuracy of their registration throughout each semester. The following policies relate to course registration.  All students may revise their schedules during the Add/Drop period at the beginning of the semester and are encouraged to seek academic advising.

Continuing Students

Continuing students choose and register for courses during pre-registration prior to the semester in question. During pre-registration, students are restricted to a maximum 18 credits registration until the first day of classes when Add/Drop opens. During the Add/Drop period, the 18 credit restriction will be lifted and SAS students may register for a maximum 20.5 credits.

Reenrolling Students

Reenrolling students register for classes once their re-enrollment has been processed and approved. Detailed registration instructions are available here.

Incoming First-Year Students

Incoming First-Year Students choose courses at an Academic Planning and Advising day in the spring prior to their first semester. The staff in the Office of Academic Services will register students in courses based on their selections and will send out student schedules in the late summer.

Incoming Transfer Students

Transfer Students choose and register for courses at a STAR Day held before the semester they begin at Rutgers. STAR Days are held in the summer for fall transfers and in January for spring transfers

Registering for Courses

Information about course registration for fall and spring semesters at Rutgers-New Brunswick is available on the main registration page.

Change of Courses

The main registration page has information about dates and times for registration changes, including the add/drop period at the beginning of each semester.

Registering for Courses at Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark, and Rutgers Continuing Education

Interunit registration in Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers-Newark, or Rutgers Continuing Education may be allowed for a limited number of credits in unusual situations with prior approval by the Office of Academic Services.

Registering for Courses in Other Institutions

Matriculated students must receive prior approval for courses they intend to take for credit at another college or university.

Students are not permitted to be enrolled simultaneously at Rutgers-New Brunswick and another institution during the fall or spring semester.

It is the responsibility of students to register for all courses needed to complete the degree requirements as outlined on their official curriculum summaries and to avoid scheduling courses for which credit already has been granted, either at Rutgers University or by transfer.

Withdrawal from Courses

See Withdrawal from Courses Policy.

Registration Tools and Resources