Registration Blocks and Holds

Registration blocks, or holds, prevent students from accessing the course registration system. Some blocks prevent access for a particular semester, and some blocks prevent access for all semesters.  Holds may also prevent a student from obtaining an official transcript or a diploma.

When is a registration block or hold applied?

There are several types of registration blocks and holds. Sometimes, a student may have more than one block at once. Here is a list of the most often applied registration blocks and holds:

  • Academic
    • Mandatory academic advising appointment did not occur.
    • Undeclared major going into the senior year.
    • Trying to register for the semester after the declared graduation date.
    • Dismissed and not eligible to return.
  • Registration
    • The student took a leave of absence, withdrew, or did not attend the prior semester and did not reenroll.
  • Financial
    • The student owes money to Rutgers (tuition, parking tickets, library fines).
  • Immunization
    • The student needs to turn in an immunization record to the health center.
  • Disciplinary
  • Seniors
    • Seniors are not permitted to register for a semester beyond their declared graduation date. If you need additional time to complete your degree requirements, change your graduation date (reclassify) at MyGradDate.


How does a student know if a registration block or hold has been applied?

Registration blocks and holds are applied after a student has been notified about the need to do something (declare a major, pay a term bill, etc.) and should not be a surprise. Reading all notifications from Rutgers University officials and offices is an essential task for a successful student.

Even with these notifications, students often realize that they have a registration block or hold when they try to log into the registration system and receive a message that they are blocked.

At any time, a student can come in to an SAS Advising Center to inquire if they have any blocks or holds on their record.

How is a registration block removed?

In most cases, the student will need to do whatever they did not do which necessitated the need for the block or hold in the first place.

  • For financial holds, contact Student Accounting.
  • For immunization holds, contact Health Services.
  • For academic or registration holds, come in person to an SAS Advising Center or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • For disciplinary holds, contact the Office of Student Conduct.