Class year is determined by the predicted year and month of graduation. Students are classified according to the number of credits they have completed by September:

First-year students 0-29 credits*
Sophomore standing 30-59 credits
Junior standing 60-89 credits
Senior standing 90 or more credits

*Note: Students entering directly from high school with more than 29 credits are held to all policies governing first-year students.

Although university commencement ceremonies only occur in May, degrees are also awarded in August and January. In all cases, students must inform the Office of Advising and Academic Services of their intentions to graduate prior to the first day of their last semester of registration. Students are not permitted to preregister for the semester after their anticipated graduation date except with special permission.

Students are reviewed for graduation eligibility based on their declared class year and graduation month. Therefore, students must keep the Office of Advising and Academic Services apprised of their anticipated graduation year and month.

If you anticipate degree completion prior to your declared graduation year and month, you may submit a request to change your graduation date online at:My Grad Date

Any requests for graduation dates earlier or beyond what is necessary to complete degree requirements will be denied.