In accordance with Rutgers University regulations, attendance is expected at all regularly scheduled meetings of a course and individual courses may set policies for maximum absences.

Students missing an occasional class for unverifiable illness or personal circumstances do not require written documentation or verification from the dean. In these circumstances, it is the responsibility of the student to submit the absence through the Rutgers Self-Reporting Absence website, which automatically generates email notification to faculty teaching the student. Reporting an absence does not automatically "excuse" missed work. It notifies instructors, a courtesy that provides an opportunity for students to contact instructors about missed work. In addition to reporting an absence through the online system, students are encouraged to contact their instructors directly. It is up to the instructor to determine if accommodations are warranted to allow students to make up work that counts toward their semester grade.

Submit an Absence from Class

Students may obtain an Absence and Verification Notice (AVN) from the Office of the Dean of Students - Student Support to authenticate an extended absence that is supported by appropriate documentation. Faculty notified of authenticated absences should make reasonable accommodations to allow students to make up work that counts toward their semester grade.

Absences due to religious observance, participation in university-sponsored events or activities such as intercollegiate athletics, or documented chronic illness are treated as authenticated absences. Authenticated absences do not waive the overall policy for attendance. Students who must, for any reason, miss more than an occasional class should consult with their instructors and an academic advisor.

It is the policy of the Rutgers University not to cancel classes on religious holidays. For information on the cancellation of classes due to inclement weather, see the University Policies and Procedures section of the New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog.