RU-FIT is a one-credit course designed to aid international students in a successful transition to Rutgers University. This course aims to help students develop a foundation for a well-rounded college experience, connect students to Rutgers resources, promote engagement within and outside the classroom and communicate university expectations. RU-FIT is taught by Peer Leaders who are rising Junior and Senior students at the University and have demonstrated a commitment to first-year international student success.  The ultimate goal of this transition course is to assure preparedness by assisting students to understand what it means to academically succeed at Rutgers.

Course Goal and Learning Outcomes:

Upon successfully completing this course, first year undergraduate students will have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand academic expectations at Rutgers University
  • Understand how to navigate curricular and co-curricular resources.
  • Assess their academic strengths and weaknesses and develop appropriate steps in order to achieve academic success
  • Demonstrate an awareness of goal setting/implementation processes by establishing a goal and an action plan for the academic year
  • Gain knowledge of important University policies such as Academic Integrity and Academic Standing, and be compliant with those policies
  • Begin to apply learning skills such as time management, critical thinking, academic writing, group projects, presentation skills that are key to academic success
  • Demonstrate self-reliance and self-direction
  • Identify a change between high school and college in the academic, social and interpersonal realms

pdfFall 2018 Course Description