Transfer FAQs

Now that I’ve been accepted to SAS, what can I do?

  1. First things first, have you paid your enrollment fee? After committing to Rutgers and paying your fee, you will receive your Personalized Transfer Evaluation via email in 4-6 weeks.
  2. Once you receive your transfer evaluation email, you can sign up for a STAR Day. The link to register will be in the email you receive.
  3. Log onto the Rutgers University Schedule of Classes and familiarize yourself with the class offerings for next semester. You will not be permitted to use the system to register until after your STAR Day.
  4. Review the requirements of the academic departments you are interested in by visiting their websites.
  5. You can open a Rutgers University NetID and email account by visiting the following site: All Rutgers students need a NetID.
  6. Obtain your Rutgers ID Card. Please visit this website for information on RU ID card office locations
  7. You can also ensure that your immunizations are up to date. This website will give you all the information you need.  Note that you may not move into the residence halls if you have not submitted proof of meningococcal vaccination.

How will I know which of my credits will transfer?

Students transferring from a NJ Community College can use NJ Transfer to assess course transferability. We require a grade of "C" or better for a course to transfer.

Students transferring from a four-year college or university can make the general assumption that classes completed with a grade of "C" or better in an academic department offered at Rutgers University will be accepted for transfer credit. These courses may or may not be utilized to fulfill major requirements but will generally receive a minimum of elective academic credit. Please note that this is a general guideline only and should not be considered a guarantee of any sort.

You will receive your personalized transfer evaluation via email 4-6 weeks after you have committed to Rutgers by paying your enrollment fee.


When can I meet with an advisor and register for Fall/Spring classes?

We know you’re anxious to get started with your Rutgers University career! We need some time to properly evaluate your transcripts and to prepare for your arrival. We will be holding STAR Days prior to the start of the semester and will be in touch with you via email. All incoming transfer students will register for classes at STAR Day and will have the chance to speak with SAS Advisors there.


What is STAR Day? Do I need to attend? How do I sign up?

Attendance at a Students in Transition Advising and Registration Day (STAR Day), is mandatory! On your STAR Day, you will receive an overview of Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences policies, learn to use web resources, meet with advisors and register for your fall/spring classes. You will receive a STAR Day registration link via email, along with your transfer evaluation. For more information on what to expect at your STAR Day, please click here.


Can you meet with me before my STAR Day?

We are sorry, due to the heavy volume of students, we cannot meet with you individually during the summer/winter. We will be glad to answer all your questions and get you started on the path to success when you attend a STAR Day. Rest assured that all of your questions will be answered on that day! Please be patient!


What is the difference between New Student Orientation (NSO) and STAR DAY? Are they the same?

NO! They are not the same! At NSO, "you will have the opportunity to become familiar with campus resources and make connections with current students, faculty, and staff before beginning classes."  NSO is not an academic orientation, but is a great and informative program and we highly recommended that you attend to learn about all-things-Rutgers! All your housing, dining, financial aid, parking and ID needs are covered during NSO. There are several formats and sessions for transfer students only. Please access the Enrollment Pathway to view your options.


STAR Day IS mandatory and you are required to attend and stay for the full-day program in order to register for your classes. Please click here for more information on STAR Day.

I have updated transcripts. Where do I send those?

All transcripts can be sent to the SAS Transfer Center:

SAS Transfer Center
54 Joyce Kilmer Avenue
Lucy Stone Hall Rm. A204
Piscataway, NJ 08854

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

**only OFFICIAL transcripts can be evaluated. If you are submitting a hard copy transcript, do not break the seal. Opened envelopes are considered unofficial and cannot be reviewed.


Can I take a summer or winter session class in China?

The School of Arts and Sciences requires that transcripts from Chinese institutions be submitted with a verification report from the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) to be considered official. Any transcript that does not include a verification letter from CHESICC will not be evaluated.

CHESICC does not verify summer or winter sessions for English-language based programs in China or Taiwan. The summer programs are often offered by third-party collaboration with a traditional university in China, Taiwan, or Korea serving as the host campus. The School of Arts and Sciences does not accept transfer credits from any of these programs, including those in cooperation with United States schools (ex: Seminole State University in Florida and Fontbonne University in Missouri).



Do I need to take placement tests at Rutgers?

That depends! If you have taken a college level writing or math class, you may not need a placement test. If not, you may be required to take the math and/or English placement tests.

To see your specific placement requirement, refer to the bottom of your personalized transfer evaluation when you receive it via email. Do not take placement tests prior to receiving your personalized evaluation.

For more information, please visit the Testing and Placement website HERE.  

I have been accepted to SAS for the fall but want to take summer courses. Can I?

Yes, you can take summer courses at Rutgers. You may register via the web registration system. For questions more information on summer or winter session, please visit their website here.

My credits are evaluated as TR:T01:EC. What does that mean?

It means that you have been awarded elective credits for the course. These credits count towards the 120 you need for graduation but are not directly equivalent to a course we teach at Rutgers. For more information on TR:T01:EC equivalencies, please visit our website here.

I took AP exams. How are my scores evaluated?

We happily accept AP scores of 4’s or 5’s. If you have received a 4 or 5 on your AP exams, you may send them directly to Rutgers via College Board. We do not accept scores listed on other transcripts. You will need to send us your original score report. AP scores are evaluated by the First-Year Dean’s Office. They will be updated on your transcript if you are eligible to receive credit.

Please note, these credits will update on your Rutgers transcript but will NOT appear on your Transfer Evaluation Summary Report. For more information, please visit our website HERE.

I am Interested in living on campus. Where do I get more information about that?

For information on housing at Rutgers, please visit the Residence Life website

I have questions about my term bill and financial aid. Who should I ask?

For information financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid website. For information on your term bill, please contact Student Accounting.

Have more questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.