Luna Laliberte

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  • Declared Class Year: 2021
  • Minor(s): Creative Writing; Education as a Social Science
  • Major(s) : Communication
  • Favorite class: Elementary Japanese (01:565:101). It was my first language class here at Rutgers! It was a lot of work but I could actually see myself improving in Japanese every day! I went from not being able to understand anything at all, to reading hiragana and katakana and holding an entire conversation in Japanese! My classmates were a lot of fun to study with, and my professor was so helpful that I still go to her office hours even though it's been more than a year since I've had her class. I think my first Japanese class was a perfect example of all the good that can come out of studying at Rutgers!
  • Favorite thing about being an SAS Student: I've always loved being introduced to new things and being exposed to different opportunities, and that's what SAS gives me. I can still take Humanities classes while being in the Social Sciences; most of my friends are computer science but we all met through the Rutgers Creative Writing Club. I hold both an IT and tutoring position at the same time. Being a part of SAS meant that I could do what I want without being boxed into a few selective options. I get the chance to do something I love to do while also exploring my interests in as many different fields as I want. I like variety, and I like to be challenged in creative new ways. But most of all, I like being free to pave my own way through history. That's what SAS means to me.

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