Duo requirement for NetID services and websites starts April 18

Dear Rutgers students:

As previously announced, Rutgers will now require all students to use two-step login with Duo to access most NetID-protected services and websites, including Canvas, myRutgers, and Microsoft Office. The requirement will be rolled out to most Rutgers students from April 18 to April 20.

What do I need to do?

ENROLL NOW to protect your information. If you do not enroll before the requirement goes into effect starting on April 18, your access to critical IT services at Rutgers may be disrupted. After you enroll in two-step login with Duo, your Rutgers account will be protected by this technology starting on the day you enroll.

What is changing?

You will now need to use your NetID password and another method—typically, a smartphone with the Duo app—to verify your identity when logging in to Canvas, myRutgers, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, ScarletMail, Zoom, and most other services requiring a NetID. This reduces the risk of anyone but you accessing your account, even if your password has been compromised. By using two-step login, you’re helping to protect yourself and the university from hacking, phishing, and other cyberattacks.

What should I do when I am not able to use my mobile device for Duo?

Other options for confirming your identity are available if you are not able to use your mobile device. Please review the information for using Duo in exam rooms or other locations in which the use of a mobile device may not be allowed.


For help with two-step login with Duo, visit and review our top FAQs for two-step login, or contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep the university secure. At Rutgers, security is everyone’s responsibility.

Michele Norin
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Guy J. Albertini

Associate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer